Ionocom Communications Inc

Test Systems

Ionocom offers specification and design of automatic test systems for characterising designs in engineering, and supporting them in production.

We have designed systems ranging from simple, self-contained "go/no-go" test boxes through to computer-automated systems including GPIB-controlled test equipment and custom test jigs. We are familiar with conventional and graphical programming environments for computer control of test systems.

Mechanical Design

Ionocom offers mechanical design of simple piece-parts associated with PCBs such as brackets and heat-sinks, custom displays, moulded keypads and other electro-mechanical items and front panels. We can also generate drawings for customisation of off-the-shelf enclosures.

We typically use Autodesk Fusion 360 for mechanical design work. We can generate 3D models and drawings of piece parts for prototyping and production. Together with Altium Designer we can generate 3D models of completed printed circuit board assemblies for checking component fit on the board, and board fit in enclosures. We have 3D printers in-house for prototyping.

Where more extensive and sophisticated design is needed (such as for custom-tooled enclosures) clients typically engage an Industrial Design firm to do the work. We are used to working closely with industrial designers to perform electronic design and mechanical design concurrently. We can introduce clients to suitable local Industrial Design firms where required.

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